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We are the SAG (Support And Gear) in SAG Wagons


We are here to make sure your SAG Wagons are fully equipped to help your cyclists. Adding convenience in saving time shopping.

There is nothing worst then finding out that something is depleted, missing or broken at the last minute. Take comfort with our rentals in knowing that everything will be complete and in good working order. Some kits will include tires and tubes so you only pay for what gets used or missing in your return. We try to recycle tires as much as possible. This will be a huge savings in your returns.

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SAG Wagon Kit with Bike Rack, DOT Safety Flags and our Reusable Stickers. Installs in minutes.

Serves many purposes

  • Alerts traffic
  • Easy for cyclists to spot
  • Transports 2 bikes
  • Traffic control with flags for crashes only