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Being A Certified SAG®

About Certification

First before continuing, we do a background check on all applicants. We want to make sure all drivers have no convictions with a DUI or as Sex Offender. Farther we want to make sure everyone has a good driving history with a valid driver’s license and are properly insured. Background check will also be performed periodically. 

As a Certified drive you are independent and not an employee of Certified SAG. It is up to you to charge for your services. Certified SAG is membership program (like a private club) to help its members obtain clients, share knowledge, education and earn a percentage from sales, that you generate. 


· Income from advise and services

· Income from sales of Certified SAG gear and training

· Proves your value as a skilled and vetted SAG driver

· Leads to requests from Certified SAG

· Free advice and consulting 

· Personal webpage under Find A SAG

· Other leads to revenue

· Discounts to Certified SAG Gear

· Discounts from suppliers and participating business 

· Access to Members only products

· ID Card

· Certificates of Completion and Certification    

· Increase raking from S 1 as novice to S 5 as a pro extraordinaire

· Many other possibilities will come available as we grow from sponsorships to free stuff are planed

Certified SAG® Wagon Is a Registered Trade Mark.

Certified SAG® Wagon Is a Registered Trade Mark.

Certification Mini Application