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Bike SAG, Inc / Certified SAG®

Bike SAGs first big appearance at Interbike in 2010. Accessing a paved trail ride from off road.

Bike SAG Founded in 2010

Founded by David Lancaster (Bike SAG Dave) who began racing in 1976, with the Gateway East Freewheelers. In managing a new bike shop in 1998 Dave found that supporting club and charity rides was his best marketing plan in building new and loyal customers. After working several events he thought how cool would it be to do this all the time but how to make a living doing it. Soon after supporting a few rides Dave had 2 loyal customers that called him a Hero instead of by name.

In 2010 Dave was out of town and was not able to support a large charity ride. Two SAGs were no shows, so the ride was left unsupported. After returning Dave heard the news and knew something had to be done. Than Bike SAG was created. 

In the beginning of Bike SAG Dave had the idea about offering training, after hearing and witnessing some miss haps from other volunteer SAG drivers and events. However Dave felt that he still needed to improve his skills, business model and gain more experience before offering such a program

Certified SAG®

After Dave supported over 600 days of events he felt that he had gained enough experience to start sharing his knowledge. Training his first student Greg Fredrickson. At that time Dave was supporting over a 150 days of events per year while building Certified SAG. Working with many events, event insurance agents and Law Enforcement Officers helped Dave to develop the training programs for Certified SAG. 

Now growing to a larger scale he found that events were lacking gear for the SAG wagons. Such as; empty first aid kits, broken floor pumps missing tools and broken bike racks. This brought on a new idea to help make sure SAG wagons more complete and ready by offering a rental service. Thus comforting ride directors in knowing the SAG wagons will be well stocked with everything in good working order. Be sure to check out our gear before your next event. Our inventory and products are always increasing.         

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