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Bike SAG

A Certified SAG® Wagon Services

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Bike SAG is a professional SAG wagon service for charity bicycling events, cycling tours, group, training and club rides. Support And Gear (SAG) wagons are one of the most important elements for any road cycling event to retain. Bike SAG’s priority is safety first from identifying road hazards to alerting traffic that a cycling event is taking place. We provide road side repairs, searching for lost or injured cyclists, while cheering others on to meet their goal. “No rider should be without support, nor should a ride be without Bike SAG” support. 

Now With AED

Founder of Certified SAG® to help make more cycling events safer and efficient. 

Mission SAG Wagon

The SAG Wagon plays a vital role for road cycling events, rides tours and Gran Fonds. There’s a lot more to it than being able to dive a car around a large group of cyclists. This video should help explain some of the task a SAG driver may face and why drivers need training. In this video we show how our new class (currently in production) will appear. To keep up with SAG Tips and News Click Here to subscribe to our digital newsletter. 

Get Schooled


Educating Safety and Efficiency for Team SAG drivers, Volunteer SAGs, Professional SAG driver, Route markers, Route planning and other event services.  

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Get Your Gear


Equipping SAG Wagons with just about everything needed. Make sure your SAG wagons are seen with our Flags and Reusable Stickers. Rental equipment available.

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Find A SAG

Ride and tour directors looking for educated and trained sag drivers for cycling event and bike ride

Find a professional SAG driver for your next cycling event. Who has completed extensive training, background checks and is License plus Insured.

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Bike SAG Events

Road cycling event and tour calendar for Bike SAG Wagon. Certified SAG event partners.

 Upcoming rides supported by Bike SAG. With serving over 800 days of support since 2010. 155 days of support in 2017

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Certified SAG® Events


  Events who have subscribed to the Certified SAG™ Volunteer SAG classes or higher and hires a Certified SAG drive.

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Contact / About Us

Bike SAG Dave for professional certified SAG wagon service. Why ride directors demand his service

Flag down this guy and find out what he has done and where he is going. See him for consulting, getting  certified or trained.

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The SAG Wagon

Support and Gear (SAG) wagon known as a broom wagon or sweep; also called out as a Bike SAG. The SAG wagon is used to provide aid to cyclists on the road for a ride or tour. Aid can consist of filling water bottles, providing nutrition, making road side repairs, helping with medical needs and cheering riders on to help them reach their goal. Other services can be used to help guide cyclists on a route, search for lost cyclists or carrying gear to the over night destination.